Underwater Hockey World

A World Community of our Sport

The Underwater Hockey World or www.uwhworld.org it is a non-official CMAS website! 

It was constructed as a free tool to all Referees, Coaches and Players, all Underwater Hockey community around the world.

The plan is simple, one website to be used by all UWH Community around the world!


CMAS, National Teams, Clubs, Invitationals tournaments!


e-learning platform for National Federation!

World Database

A database referees and coaches around the world!


Brands and shops of Underwater Hockey gear!


News about Underwater Hockey World !

Underwater Hockey World

The Beginning

  • Referees Database

    We invite all the CMAS International and National Referees to register our public database.

  • Coaches Database

    If you have a Coach National Certification register to be found

  • Events Calendar

    Share one tournament it is easy and open to everyone, just click "Share Event"

  • E-learning Platform

    National Federations can request admin access to e-learning platform

Email: info@uwhworld.org

Submit your registration

If you are a Player, Referee or a Coach you can register